Assault Compensation Payouts Explained

This is a guide on assault compensation payouts. In the following sections, we will explain when you could be eligible to claim violent crime compensation. We will also discuss the various payments that could be involved in a compensation claim for assault, such as payment for your injuries and certain financial losses.

assault compensation payouts
Assault compensation payouts explained

We will also cover how a No Win No Fee agreement could provide a convenient way to access the services of a solicitor, who could help with many aspects of a claim. For example, they can ensure your settlement takes into account all aspects of your suffering, including both physical and psychological injury compensation.

Keep reading if you’d like to know more. In the meantime, you can contact our advisers to request more information about your potential claim. Our team is available 24/7 and can answer any questions you might have after reading. Reach us today:

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  5. Why Use Our Panel Of No Win No Fee Solicitors To Make A Compensation Claim For Assault?
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A Guide To Assault Compensation Payouts

There are three avenues by which a person can seek criminal injuries compensation.

Firstly, they may be able to direct a claim against the perpetrator of the crime. However, this can only be done when the perpetrator’s identity is known, and they have enough money to pay the costs associated with being sued.

Secondly, an individual could claim against a third party that breached the duty of care they owed. This is known as claiming against a vicariously liable party. For example, if you report that a co-worker has made several threats against you and your employer fails to investigate, your employer could be deemed liable if you are injured during an attack at work that occurred because reasonable actions were not taken to follow up on the threats.

Finally, you may be able to claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) if neither of the previous options apply to your circumstances. The CICA is a government executive agency that provides compensation to victims of violent crime. It is this method we will discuss in the following sections.

If you have suffered harm in a crime of violence in England, Scotland or Wales, you may be eligible to receive compensation via the CICA. For example, you may be able to claim if you have experienced:

  • Rape or sexual abuse
  • A broken tooth or broken jaw during an assault at work
  • A broken arm or broken leg during a mugging

Contact our advisers to learn more about the assault compensation payouts that could be awarded by the CICA.

Assault Compensation Payouts – What Could Be Received From A Successful Claim?

A criminal injuries compensation claim could involve payments for several aspects of the suffering you experienced. The first involves payment for your injuries. This is paid out in line with the tariff of injuries found in the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2012.

Please note, the Scheme can only award payment for a maximum of three injuries. For the most serious injury, you will be awarded the full value of the tariff amount. For the second most or equally as serious, you will be awarded 30% of the full value of the tariff amount. Finally, for the third most or equally as serious injury, you will be awarded 15% of the full value of the tariff amount.

The following table contains some of the entries from the CICA tariff of injuries. This can be used as an alternative to a CICA claims calculator.

Type of InjuryCICA Tariff InformationFurther Notes
Ankle£16,500Two fractured or dislocated ankles causing continuing significant disability.
Hip£16,500Two fractured hips causing continuing significant disability.
Face£11,000Multiple fractures to the face, such as Le Fort fractures type 2.
Humerus£11,000Two fractured humerus bones causing continuing significant disability.
Humerus£6,200Two fractured humerus bones that lead to substantial recovery.
Femur£4,600One fractured femur causing continuing significant disability.
Face£3,500Dislocated jaw.
Hand£3,500One fractured hand causing continuing significant disability.
Teeth£2,400Loss of two or three front teeth.
Elbow£1,500One fractured or dislocated elbow that leads to a substantial recovery.

Please call for more information on assault compensation payouts.

Could You Receive Special Expenses In A Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim?

In addition to payment for your injuries, you may receive a payment for lost earnings. In order to do so, you must meet certain requirements. For example, your criminal injury must have been serious enough to completely prevent you from performing paid work or limit your ability to do so for more than 28 full weeks. If you meet all the eligibility requirements, this payment will commence from in week 29.

You may also be able to claim for special expenses, such as the cost of physical aids that were damaged during the assault. This payment will only be made for expenses that are necessary, reasonable, and unavailable for free from a different source.

In order to claim for special expenses, you must have lost earnings, the capacity to earn, or been incapacitated to a similar extent for more than 28 weeks.

Our advisers can tell you more about the payments involved in assault compensation payouts. Contact our team to learn more about the amount you could be eligible to receive.

When Are You Eligible To Claim Through The CICA?

The CICA has certain requirements you must meet to in order to seek compensation from them. For example, receiving assault compensation payouts from the CICA could mean you are required to show:

  • The incident occurred in Wales, Scotland or England. It could also have occurred in another relevant location, such as a vessel registered in those countries.
  • The incident was a crime of violence as defined by the CICA. Their definition can include a physical attack.
  • The incident was reported to the police as soon as was reasonably possible.

Speak to our advisers to learn more about the CICA’s eligibility requirements. In particular, our team can offer information about how extenuating circumstances may exist that could mean your claim is still considered even if some time passed between the incident occurring and you reporting it to the police.

What Do You Need To Seek Compensation Through The CICA?

You must ensure that you begin a claim through the CICA within 2 years of reporting the incident to the police. This is normally expected to have been done as soon as reasonably possible. However, exceptions can apply if you can show extenuating circumstances prevented you from doing so.

Additionally, there are exceptions that can be made to the two-year time limit in which you have to start your claim. Exceptions can only be made if you have evidence that extenuating circumstances prevented you from starting your claim in the given limit.

Additionally, you may have to produce certain pieces of evidence, such as:

  • A police reference number
  • Medical evidence about the injuries you are claiming for
  • Financial evidence about the special expenses you are claiming for
  • Evidence showing that you meet the CICA’s residency requirements

Contact our advisers to find out more about the evidence that could help support your claim.

Why Use Our Panel Of No Win No Fee Solicitors To Make A Compensation Claim For Assault?

In addition to providing you with information about assault compensation payouts, our team of advisers may also be able to put you in touch with the solicitors on our panel. To help with the process of claiming compensation, one of these individuals may be able to offer you a specific type of No Win No Fee agreement known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

Under the conditions of a CFA, you usually don’t have to pay for a solicitor’s services in the event your claim fails. Likewise, you generally don’t have to pay fees for these services upfront to begin the claim or during the process itself.

Instead, your solicitor would take what’s called a success fee at the end of the claim, and only if it is successful. This fee is subject to a legislative cap and is taken from your compensation.

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