Why Should I Use A Lung Injury Compensation Calculator For My Claim?

Have you been wondering about the benefits of using a lung injury compensation calculator? Following an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may suffer physical and psychological injuries, for which you could seek compensation. You may also be able to claim for financial losses resulting from the injury. Our helpful tool allows you to input the details of your accident to calculate an estimated settlement for a lung injury. 

lung injury compensation calculator
Lung injury compensation calculator claims guide

It is important to know how negligence is defined; it is the breach of a duty of care someone owed you. When negligence is the cause of an injury, it could lead to someone launching a valid personal injury claim.     

Furthermore, you may feel concerned about the financial costs of hiring a solicitor. However, this guide will describe the benefits of using a No Win No Fee agreement. You could have professional legal help without paying large upfront fees for your solicitor’s services.

Please read on to find out how to begin your potential claim for a lung injury. Also, don’t hesitate to enquire further by contacting our team of advisors. They are available 24/7 so that you can call at a time that is convenient for you. 

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Lung Injury Compensation Calculator

For a lung injury claim, there are two categories of compensation that can be awarded: general damages and special damages. General damages compensate you for both the physical and emotional pain and suffering caused by the injury. Whereas special damages account for the financial losses caused by the injury.   

Firstly, to value the general damages head of claim, our compensation calculator makes use of the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG), published April 2022. Solicitors use this text to help them value settlement amounts for personal injury claims, as the figures come from previously awarded amounts. The table below uses guideline compensation amounts from the JCG. 

InjuryDetailsCompensation Bracket
Chest Injury (a)Removal of one lung or serious heart damage. This will cause serious and permanent pain, suffering and scarring.£100,670 to £150,110
Chest Injury (b)Traumatic damage to the lungs, chest or heart. Permanent damage and complications. Life expectancy is reduced. £65,740 to £100,670
Chest Injury (c)Injury to lungs and chest that causes continuing disability.£31,310 to £54,830
Chest Injury (d)A simple injury resulting in some permanent tissue damage but no significant long-term effect on lung function. £12,590 to £17,960
Chest Injury (e)Some residual damage that does not permanently affect lung function.£5,320 to £12,590
Chest Injury (f)Injuries that lead to a collapsed lung. A full recovery that isn't complicated is made. £2,190 to £5,320
Chest Injury (g)Fractured ribs and soft tissue injuries. Pain and disabilities heal over a period of weeks.Up to £3,950
Lung Disease (d)Breathing difficulties where the prognosis is uncertain. There is a significant effect on social and work life. £31,310 to £54,830
Lung Disease (e)Bronchitis and wheezing that don't cause serious issues.£20,800 to £31,310
Lung Disease (f)Slight breathlessness. No effect on social and work life. The person is likely to recover permanently within a few years. £10,640 to £20,800

It is important to remember that the figures awarded for each claim are different due to the unique details of the case.   

Moreover, you could also seek reimbursement for financial losses under special damages. For example, if your lung injury has left you unable to work, you could claim for the loss of income.

However, it is important to note that you must have evidence to claim special damages. In relation to the example above, you could use payslips to prove any lost earnings.

Use our lung injury compensation calculator for a valuation tailored to your case.    

What Is A Lung Injury?

A lung injury happens when the lungs are damaged. The ribs offer protection to the organs in your chest. However, injuries can still happen. For example, inhaling hazardous substances could lead to the air sacs in the lungs becoming inflamed, causing breathing difficulties.   

Also, collisions, punctures and crush injuries could cause trauma and damage to the chest and lungs. This could cause blood and other fluids to gather in the tissue in your lungs. It could also cause air to get trapped outside of the lungs. The NHS offers advice for respiratory diseases and collapsed lungs.  

An accident that damages the chest and lungs could leave you with multiple injuries. If someone else’s negligence caused you harm, you could claim compensation. Contact our helpful team of advisors for more information about a settlement for a lung injury.  

Examples Of Accidents Leading To A Lung Injury

There are multiple ways in which a lung injury could happen because someone else breached their duty of care to take steps to keep you safe. 

Firstly, you could injure your lungs in a road accident. For example, another road user driving dangerously collides with your vehicle. This is a breach of the duty of care road users have to behave safely and not cause each other harm. The Road Traffic Act 1988 is one of the central pieces of legislation governing the safe use of roads. Alongside this, road users should look to The Highway Code for an outline of their responsibilities when using the roads.     

Furthermore, an accident in a public place could result in a lung injury. The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 defines the duty of care that a person in control of a public space has to ensure the safety of their visitors. For example, if you slip, trip or fall when shopping in a supermarket due to there being no wet floor sign, liability may fall with the person who breached their duty of care.

Lastly, you could be injured in an accident at work. In the workplace, employers owe their employees a duty of care to take reasonably practical steps to ensure their safety. This duty is governed by the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HASAWA). Section 2 of the HASAWA describes the responsibilities every employer should uphold. However, they may fail to do so. For example, they may not provide proper training for their staff.

If you have been harmed at work, on the roads or in a public place due to someone else’s negligence, use our lung injury compensation calculator to find out how much you could be eligible to receive for a personal injury claim.  

Figures For Personal Injuries

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR) sets out an employers responsibility to report certain accidents and injuries sustained in the workplace. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) collate these reports into helpful workplace statistics.

As per the statistics, in 2020/21, there were:

  • 51,211 non-fatal injuries
  • 10,860 of these injuries were to torso locations
  • 1,860 injuries caused by contact with moving machinery
  • 496 injuries caused by exposure to, or contact with, a harmful substance

Potential Impact Of Suffering A Lung Injury

Damage to the lungs can cause both physical and psychological injuries. It may cause various levels of pain and require extensive treatment. In extreme cases, you may require a lung transplant.

Also, you may be feeling stressed, anxious and isolated after the accident. Lasting complications from the injury could affect your work and social life. 

However, you could seek compensation for the way in which the injuries have affected your quality of life.

To find out how much you could be owed, contact our team of advisors. They can help you understand how to use our lung injury claim calculator to estimate how much compensation you could receive.   

Can I Use A Lung Injury Compensation Calculator?

You can use our lung injury compensation calculator to help accurately estimate your settlement. However, before you use it, you should be aware of other aspects of the claims process.

For example, the Limitation Act 1980 outlines the time limits for starting a personal injury claim. In most cases, you have three years from the date of the accident or the date you connected your injury to negligence. There are some exceptions; for example, if someone is below eighteen, the three-year time does not start until they turn eighteen. Alternatively, the courts can appoint a litigation friend to represent them before this point. 

Also, there are certain steps you can take after you are injured in an accident. For instance, you should seek medical attention to ensure your injuries are treated correctly. You can also begin gathering evidence to prove the injuries you sustained were a result of negligence. You could collect:

  • Witness contact details
  • CCTV footage
  • Photographs
  • Medical reports
  • Work accident report book

Finally, it is advisable to seek legal advice. If you have any questions, our team of advisors are available 24/7.    

Connect With No Win No Fee Solicitors To Start A Lung Injury Claim

No Win No Fee agreements come in various forms. Our panel of solicitors can represent your claim under a Conditional Fee Agreement. This agreement eliminates the financial risk of paying for your solicitor’s services upfront or during your claim. You also do not pay for these services if your claim is unsuccessful. 

Although, if you are awarded compensation for your claim, a small percentage of this is taken. This is called a success fee, which the law caps.   

To find out how you could work with a solicitor from our panel, get in touch on the number above.

Ask About Using A Lung Injury Compensation Calculator

Please contact our advisors to ask any questions you still have about using our lung injury compensation calculator. They can also assess the validity of your claim and whether a solicitor from our panel could begin working on your case.

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